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The making of a multi-million dollar enterprise! Omar Tyree’s Journey Through Entrepreneurship and One of the most successful literary careers of all time, having published books in fiction, business, and children’s genres.

Business that Omar has been involved with include:

MARS Productions Publishing Company (1992 - 2003)
Simon & Schuster Publishing Partnership (1995 - 2009)
KD Communications Speaking (1997 - 2009)
Hot Lava Entertainment (2001 - 2006)
Omar Tyree Incorporated (2004 - 2009)
Flyy Girl Incorporated (2004 - 2009)
Renaissance Entertainment Group (2006 - 2009)
Urban Literacy Project (2007 - 2009)

Omar Tyree’s Business History

A Born Entrepreneur! (1987)
A Legendary Literary Career Begins (1992)
Seven Figure Deal is Inked (2000)
A New Entry Into The World of Entertainment (2003)
A Feature Film Enterprise Destined to Explode (2006)
An Innovative Master of Creative Business Versatility
Expanding International Horizons (2009)

Detailed History of Omar Tyree Accomplishments

A Born Entrepreneur!

1987 - 1991 / The Dormitory Barber (University of Pittsburgh, Howard University) / As an emerging entrepreneur, Tyree began his first business venture in 1987. While it only initially generated $200 - $300 a month, it was the first step in a long and successful career.

A Legendary Literary Career Begins

1992 / Mars Productions - (Independent Publishing Company, Hyattsville, Maryland) / Tyree’s first major publishing contract started with personal income of $500 and led to a 2-book, hard back/soft back deal for $250,000 with Simon & Schuster.
2000 / For The Love of Money, Just Say No! - (Third Simon & Schuster publishing contact) / Signed a third 2-book, hard back/soft back deal for $500,000, while all previous titles continued to sell

Seven Figure Deal is Inked!

2000 / New York Times’ Bestseller - (Sequel title hits the national bestseller list at number 14 in August 2000) / For The Love of Money, a follow up novel to Flyy Girl, refocuses the marketing campaign toward the inspired readership of young urban America. For the Love of Money generates retail sales of 85,000 hard back copies and more than $2 million.

2001 / A Franchise Contract - (Fourth consecutive contract with Simon & Schuster) / Signed an undisclosed, 7-figure, 4-book contract for hard back/soft back with Simon & Schuster while the previous six books all continued to sell

2001 / NAACP Image Award - (Won the NAACP honor for most outstanding book in fiction) / For The Love of Money takes the top prize, solidifying Omar Tyree as a national brand name in African American literature.

A New Entry Into The World of Entertainment (2003)

2003 / Hot Lava Entertainment - (Music, Books & Film Company) / Formed an LLC. in Charlotte, North Carolina, with the goal of integrating a profitable synergy between books, film and music. Produced a spoken word/music CD entitled ‘Rising Up!’ which has inspired and educated authors and film producers across the country.

2004 / Omar Tyree Incorporated, LLC - (The one shop for creativity) / Formed an LLC. in Charlotte, North Carolina, to incorporate all novels, lectures, music, film, public events, and ideas under the Omar Tyree business brand. Combining all lectures, freelance writing, creative ideas, screenplays, songs, television network ideas, and hosted events, along with his Simon & Schuster contracts, advances, royalties, and book rights, Omar Tyree Incorporated is estimated at a net worth in the arena of $4 - 7 million dollars. However, the estimates on box office film totals on five intellectual properties alone, could easily generate more than $100 million. Therefore, value of Omar Tyree Incorporated is unlimited.

2005 / Omar Tyree Incorporated, LLC - (The franchise continues) / Published an eleventh straight novel with Simon & Schuster entitled Boss Lady, a trilogy book to the Flyy Girl/For The Love of Money brand. Boss Lady combined in hard back and audio to generates 70,000 in retail sales and an estimated $1.6 million. In association with Ascendant Strategy Group and Arthur Wylie Enterprises, Omar Tyree Incorporated generated more than $100,000 in lectures and events. Simon & Schuster advances and royalties added another $350,000 for the year for an estimated total of more than $2 million.

2005 / Flyy Girl Incorporated, LLC - (The urban girl franchise begins) / Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Flyy Girl novel series, Omar Tyree invested in copyrighting it as a company brand name with a sleek logo, a fashion magazine, a television network series idea, a clothing line, and an international events and modeling service, all in development for the near future. The value of Flyy Girl Incorporated is also unlimited.

2006 / More Simon & Schuster - (The fifth consecutive contact with Simon & Schuster) / Signed another undisclosed, 2-book publishing contract with Simon & Schuster for a thirteenth and fourteenth straight title, with an option for a fifteenth title.

A Feature Film Enterprise Destined to Explode

2006 / Renaissance Entertainment Group, LLC - (A larger, independent film production company) / Omar Tyree Incorporated partnered with Arthur Wylie Enterprises to create a larger film production company to begin work on securing the needed investor capital and distribution resources to produce the intellectual properties of Omar Tyree into film and television productions. The value of Renaissance Entertainment Group is estimated as a half a billion dollar vehicle.s

2007 / Mr. Creative - (The urban American boy book brand) / After a four year search to find a publisher interested enough to support a book brand specifically geared for the interest and readership of young, urban American boys, The Watkins & Loomis Literary Agency was finally successful in finding a publisher to jump start Omar Tyree’s Mr. Creative brand (another copyrighted entity) to produce literature for urban American boys. Just Us Books, in Newark, New Jersey, will now partner with Omar Tyree Incorporated to publish 12 Brown Boys in 2008, which more books to come in the future, including The Bright Planet series, another series book idea from Omar Tyree. Based on various children’s books series that have doe well in the past, the value of the Mr. Creative brand is unlimited.

2007 / Urban Literacy Project - (A non-profit, educational vehicle) / The Urban Literacy Project is a long time Omar Tyree idea to start a charitable organization with the goal of increasing nationwide support for the promotion, education and content to increase the interest and reading and writing skills of urban America in the all fields of literary content, including financial literacy. In addition to special guest lectures, panel discussions and reading and writing programs, the Urban Literacy Project would also secure funds to buy large sums of valuable books to be given away to needy school systems on a national level to increase readership and interest. The scope of the Urban Literacy Project is unlimited.

2007 / The Lure of Young Women - (First Hot Lava Entertainment independent small film) / At the end of year 2006, Omar Tyree wrote, produced, directed, cast and stared in a Woody Allen type production about a budding film producer, who finds himself getting too intimately involved with his co-stars. The low budget film shot all in Charlotte, North Carolina, will become a classic vehicle that showcases Tyree’s natural charm, acting ability, relevant dialogue, and perfect timing. The project has yet to be placed with a distributor, pending distribution talks.

An Innovative Master of Creative Business Versatility

2008 / The Equation - (The genius business book and philosophical idea created a decade ago) / After far too many years of continuing to explain the business of art and the art of business to financial investors, business groups, and corporate sponsors, it became crystal clear Omar Tyree must now be able to engage the business community on a regular and continuous basis. The Equation explains, once and for all that WITHOUT CREATIVITY THERE IS NO BUSINESS! To have Passion for what you do (Love), divided by the Rank of your professional skills (Art), multiplied by the Number of your market share ( Support) equals the progress and Income of your brand (Business) all around the word. So with the help of manager, Raoul Davis at Ascendant Strategy Group, and Uwe Stender at Triada US Literary Agency, the book rights for The Equation (L/A x S = B) has been sold in a lucrative deal with John Wiley publishers, the number one busness book publishing brand, for hard copy publication in January 2009, on it’s way to becoming a worldwide phenomenon that will be used and recognized for the rest of human existence.

Coming Next - Expanding International Horizons! Stay Tuned

Organizations, Colleges And Universities

Organizations (Only a few listed)

Schering Plough
National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame
Johnson & Johnson
Professional MBA (Master's of Business Administration groups in Charlotte,
New Jersey, and Connecticut)
Affinity Groups
National Association for Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment
Julius Peppers Foundation (NFL star)
NABJ Convention (National Association of Black Journalists)
NAACP Convention in Detroit
Essence Music Festival Forum
100 Black Men of America
National Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Convention In New Orleans
Cities in Schools Pograms (Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore)

Universities/colleges (only a few listed)

UCLA Wachovia
Chicago State University Pac-10 Leadership Conference
University of West Virginia University of Connecticut
University of Missouri New York University
Columbia University Temple University
Rutgers University North Carolina State
South Carolina State University of Georgia
University of Florida University of Maryland
Central Michigan Michigan State University
Southern University Washington State University
Albany State University University of Buffalo
Florida A&M Florida International
William & Mary Clark Atlanta
University of Tennessee Tulsa University
Xavier University American University
Harvard Howard University
Florida State University University of Southern Florida
University of Pennsylvania Lincoln University
Tulane University Morgan State
Morehouse North Carolina A&T
University of Indiana Ball Sate

Omar is also listed with American Program Bureau and Keppler Speakers, two of the largest speaker bureaus in the world.

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